• Rechtsanwältin Britta Weisel


Welcome to Germany!

If you are a refugee, you have to undergo an asylum procedure.

You can find information concerning the stages of asylum procedure here:  http://www.bamf.de/EN/Fluechtlingsschutz/AblaufAsylv/ablauf-des-asylverfahrens-node.html

The personal interview is your most important appointment within your asylum procedure. If you have hired a lawyer to work for you, then this person is permitted to be present at the interview with you.

If your asylum application is refused, you have the right to appeal against this decision in court within a certain deadline written on the notification. In most cases you have only two weeks time to submit an appeal to a court, in some cases it is even only one week´s time.

That is why I recommend to seek immediate advice from a lawyer or an advice center the day you receive a negative notification.

I offer you my services to take court action against the decisions of the Federal Office.